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I am a life-long fitness buff and certified personal trainer with a degree in Health and Physical Fitness from Texas A&M University. I have a personal belief that exercise, combined with a wellness plan, is the key to self-esteem and happiness.

There was a point in my life where everything fell apart for me and I was able to put the pieces of my life back together again. I want to share my passion for what I found worked for me with the world! I found my peace and happiness through exercise, nutrition, wellness, and Reiki.

I am an advocate for women of all ages that feel stuck or out of control. I help women empower themselves through physical fitness and wellness. As women we are in control of ourselves, sometimes it’s just hard to realize the fact and face it. Control of ourselves comes from within, we drive our own ship. It’s ok to need help, it’s ok to not want to go to a gym. The gym can come to you.

Physical fitness is the key to staying young. It should be part of your daily life like eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the key to self- esteem, inner peace, and longevity.

Your Health Advocate

In-Home Personal Training

Stop going to the gym and let’s put together a comprehensive in home personal training program that will get you results. Not only will we work together on your goals, but I will keep you motivated and in a positive mindset about your overall health.

Dietary Support

Working out without the proper guidance about nutrition is completely pointless. I have made it a lifelong mission to understand what goes into my body and how it’s affected. Let me use that knowledge to put together a meal program that will support your workout program.

Wellness Coach

Wellness is a state of mind that is brought upon by inspired actions. I have experienced first had what wellness coaching did for me and I want to share that with you. We will discuss the benefits of, supplements, acupuncture, reiki, meditation as well as many other techniques to heal the whole body and mind.

Weight Loss Fashion Consultant

I have also worked as a fashion consultant and want to make women that are going through their health transition feel and look beautiful. I understand the human form in all its shapes/sizes and understand how to pick the right clothing to make you look your very best.

Why What we do Works


50% of people that start a workout program are still on it 6 months later


85% of people with a trainer are still working with them 12 months later


74% of clients that worked out with a trainer, reported more motivational readiness for exercise adoption than they did at the onset of an exercise program

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